I’ve been putting this off…

I almost talked myself out of creating a blog and sharing my experiences. Why? Because it seems like everyone else is doing it. Then I reminded myself that I’m doing this primarily for me. In the end, what have I got to lose? So, if you found me please stick around. Comment and share and let’s see how we get on. This is about journeys so why not enjoy part of our life long journey together?

Let me introduce myself.

In the spirit of Rosie the Riveter….I can do it!

I’m Delana and these are my tales..hence the name of the blog DTales.

I’m a Pilates instructor in my mid 50’s. Originally from Florida, I’ve been living in Belgium since 1989. I’ve raised two sons and I’ve been married to the same Norwegian for what he tells me is a very long time. I hear you yawning so I’ll move on.

Want to know about the night I wound up in the middle of the French army on night maneuvers?

Why a travel blog?

I’ve not just taken nice trips to some stunning locations, I’ve learned about the cultures and general everyday life in some stunning locations. I’ve lived in some of these places or I’ve been there long enough & enough times to know how to see it like the locals do. You won’t learn anything about all-inclusive here. You will learn where the locals shop and how to make sure you’re getting something made local rather than a mass produced, plastiky, touristy thingy. (*yes plastiky is a word according to the Urban Dictionary)

Blog goals?

  • Inform = How would you like to know about some little ‘gems’ that are worth more out of your visit than those over crowded “top 10 things you must see”.
  • Entertain = My great aunt summed it up nicely when she told my mother, “This one will never meet a stranger!” My willingness to chat to anybody usually ends up getting me into some pretty amusing situations. Want to know about the night I wound up in the middle of the French army on night maneuvers? Then stay tuned dear reader. (Don’t worry…I travel just like normal people too.)
  • Budget travel = “Norway is such an expensive country to visit!” I hear this one all the time! No, it isn’t! You just need to know how to do it right.
  • Eco Friendly = As travelers we have a huge impact on the places we visit. Let’s learn together how to keep the world’s treasures safe so we can keep enjoying them.

What’s next? (small scale)

I just got back from a 6 day road trip around France. (In a 1994 Nissan Micra named ‘Maggie’.) The theme was Following Vincent (Van Gogh) and the goal was to find out how cheap you can travel around France while still enjoying yourself and not feeling like a homeless person. I’m still editing a gazillion (okay, maybe not that many) photos and videos and will post here about the trip. I’ll be making some posts about it from different angles so please hang tight. Even if you’re not a Van Gogh fan you’ll get some interesting/useful/humorous information.

May 2019 Crete = diving, archaeological excursions, great places to stay, shopping for local products and supporting local people.

July 2019 Norway = fishing, hiking and seeing some great natural beauty!

What’s next (big scale)

July 2019 Traveling the Silk Road on the Mongol Rally with a great team called ‘There & Back Again’

If you’ve read this far Congratulations and Thank You! Did I miss something? Are you at all intrigued? As a new blogger I’m interested in your thoughts.

Until next time! Keep discovering and keep moving!


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