10 May, 2019

I’ve landed again! Back where I feel I belong! The thing I love about Crete is, honestly, the people! Okay, the climate is a big deal too. This time I’ve decided to stay just east of Chania in Stavros.

When I come here on my own I usually stay in Chania Old Town. It’s busy! There’s plenty to do there and it’s a good place to meet up with friends. Stavros is different! I’ve got to enjoy my own company for the best part of 4 days. Let’s hope I can get along with myself.

I landed last night as the sun was setting and, by the time I arrived at my hotel, it was dark. The wind was up and the surf was pounding!

I’m staying at Zorba’s Beach Village and impressions of the place as I’m finishing up my first day here are pretty good. It’s a bit dated but it’s quaint. I believe the idea is to provide an atmosphere comparable to the book “Zorba the Greek”. In any case, the location has a lot going for it! And so far the staff are incredibly helpful. The price is right too! Just under 170€ for 4 nights.

View from my front porch.

Getting my bearings today, I walked to the village shops (two small general type stores) and found the famous and pretty touristy Zorba’s Beach. I didn’t stop there since I’ve already been shown a little hidden treasure of a quiet little strip of beach just west of the main area here. Stopping to collect some salt off the rocks and following my sense of direction led me to the right place. Sunset Beach Taverna.

Follow the signs for Sunset Beach for great food!

The food is prepared fresh and there are plenty of options if you’re vegetarian. Ordering a salad and the grilled octopus I sat back and took in the view. Absorbed in the atmosphere and parched I reached for the carafe of tap water I’d asked for. It was ice cold and was sweating beads of condensation. I poured my glass full and drank deeply…..With the first gulp my mouth and nose went into high alert telling my brain that ‘this’ was not water. My stubborn brain said, “Of course it’s water. You ordered water. It came in a water carafe.” At this point I had my mouth full of what I was realizing was ‘raki’…I had no choice! The second mouthful went down as I was coming up out of my chair. Rushing to the bar I informed the waitress of the situation. Let me say here that I don’t drink so… a) I was really put off by the taste and b) it went straight to my head! Apologies ensued. I reassured the staff it was not the end of the world and my plates were served up. It’s amazing how much good food can make you forget!

My lunch came to 23€. A bit on the pricey side for Crete but the food here has not yet disappointed and the view is worth it. Besides, you’d be hard pressed to pay the same in Belgium where it’s currently raining…so there!

Tropical salad
Grilled octopus

Type Stavros Crete into Google Maps and you’ll get the map below.

More coming soon! Thanks for reading!